Friday, October 9, 2009

Does not wisdom cry out? Does not understanding lift her voice?

A few days after Mallory arrived, we had the privilege of participating in a celebration for the St. Vincent's School for Handicapped Children in Port-au-Prince. The school is an incredible place, offering educational opportunities to children who face developmental challenges that in this country might otherwise be life-ending. It is one of about 150 schools owned and operated by the Episcopal Church in Haiti, but it specializes in reaching out to the most vulnerable among us. In a place where the value and dignity of human life is often ounderstood in the context of "the changes and chances of this life," the school is an oasis of hope, a true testament to the healing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Episcopal Church's commitment to that Gospel. The Bishop of Haiti, Msg. Jean Zache Duracin, presided over a Mass to inaugurate the newly refurbished clinical suite and the general
renovations made possible through the contributions of several key benefactors. The Lessons were read by two young girls, both blind. It was a very moving experience, and one that put hardship into perspective at a moment when I was frankly beginning to wonder whether I could make it to end of my first month here. The courage, poise and wisdom emanating from those young girls was a testimony to Haiti's capacity to face her many challenges if she discovers the power that is already within, if she is able to access her own uniquely beautiful spirit and sync it to the Spirit who makes all things possible.

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  1. I pray that we get St. Vincent's School up and running again. It would be testimony not only to the work of the Holy Spirit, but, as you said, to the amazing spirit of these children as well. Sr. Joan would be proud.